Pan Kingdom Investment Company

 Pan Kingdom Investment Company





Our Goals go Beyond!

As a n investment company, our main focus is to protect and enhance shareholders’ equity investment, and positively affect t he industry, the society and the environment. Therefore, our goals go beyond  to concentrate on industrial development through sustainable growth, diversification and innovation. In just a short period, we have established large companies in steel , pipes, cement plant, cement sectors and all of these are supported by logistics and transportation company. We believe we can do more, aiming to achieve more winning goals with God’s will.

Our Means to an End

PKI is focused on leveraging its business platforms, management capacity  and financial strength to deliver continued growth, solid cash generators and excellent returns on capital.

Our Projects Milestone

In a short period of time, PKI was able to establish tangible projects. Each project constitutes to t he PKI family and is given sovereignty in maneuvering its own specialty and independently coming up with creative solutions

Companies Established

  • NRCC – Northern Region Cement Company
  • NJCC – Northern Jordan Cement Company
  • SOLB – SOLB Steel Company
  • GSTC – Global Specialized Transport Company

With many other projects under study.

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Eng Saud Alarife is shareholder and board member .